When do I need to matriculate at ISU?

Students must submit a Matriculation request when completing one degree program and beginning a new degree program at a higher level.

  • Example: Student completing a Master's degree and progressing to a Doctoral program needs to complete a Matriculation request in Cystart.

When is it not necessary to complete a Matriculation request at ISU?

When a student has completed a previous degree and the Office of Admissions issues an admission notice to notify the ISSO of your intent to change degree programs. At that time, ISSO would process the Matriculation request. Students in the following circumstances do not need to complete the Matriculation e-form:

  • Bachelor's Degree → Master's Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree → Doctoral Degree

What if I want to change to a lower degree level?

J-1 students may not change to a lower degree level.

Can non-degree students matriculate?

Non-degree students are not eligible to matriculate.

Cystart Request

When do I submit a Matriculation request?

Students should submit their application:

  • As early as four months prior to the end date on current DS-2019
  • At least ten calendar days prior to the end date on current DS-2019

How do I submit an application to matriculate?

This is an electronic process completed through Cystart. The link for Cystart can be found on the ISSO homepage. Log in to Cystart using ISU NetID and password. Once in Cystart, select J-1 Student Services and complete the Matriculate e-form.

What must I submit for this request?

  • Proof of financial support for the duration of degree program
    • Refer to the Expense Worksheet to understand how much financial support is required
    • Documents more than 3 months old will not be accepted
  • Documentation of admission/acceptance to new program:
  • Admission letter
  • Copy of Graduate College form:
  • Master's student on PhD Track in Same Department
  • Request to Transfer from One Major/Program/Department to Another

What is the timeline for processing this request?

It will take ISSO up to 10 working days after there is a check mark in all boxes on the Cystart Matriculate page. ISSO will send an e-mail to the student's ISU e-mail address when processing is complete. If this e-mail is not received in 10 working days as previously noted, the ISSO recommends contacting the office by e-mail at isso@iastate.edu to request the status of the application.

Immigration Consequences for Failure to Matriculate

What will happen if I do not complete a Matriculation request within the timeframe noted above after changing my academic level?

  • Violation of J-1 nonimmigrant status
    • Must apply for reinstatement or travel and reenter
  • Must immediately stop working on campus
  • Any authorized off-campus work will be automatically terminated
  • Lose eligibility for all other benefits of J-1 nonimmigrant status
  • Lose eligibility to change status, for example from J-1 to F-1, J-1 to H-1B, etc.
Disclaimer: This Frequently Asked Questions is intended for general information and guidance. As this information can quickly become outdated or may not apply to your situation, please consult with an International Student Advisor in the International Students and Scholars Office regarding your individual questions.