The “Document Mailing and Collection” e-form can be found in Cystart, and gives permission for ISSO to either:

  • Mail a document on a student’s behalf via eShipGlobal/University Express Mail Services (UEMS), or
  • Give a document on a student’s behalf to a designated person


eShipGlobal/UEMS is a company that helps university students organize the mailing of their documents. Through eShipGlobal/UEMS, a student can select a mailing address, select a mail carrier, and pay for the shipment of their documents. Once payment is received, the university will automatically receive a shipping label to mail the requested documents.

Accessing eShipGlobal/UEMS

Initially, students will access eShipGlobal/UEMS through Cystart. Students will need to first complete the Document Mailing e-form in Cystart to organize mailing of the document. Once students have submitted the Document Mailing e-form, they will be directed to eShipGlobal/UEMS. After students have logged out of eShipGlobal/UEMS, students can access their order information at eShipGlobal/UEMS.

More Information about eShipGlobal/UEMS

You can review the eShipGlobal/UEMS frequently asked questions.

Shipping Information

Available Mail Carriers

Students are able to select from FedEx or UPS within eShipGlobal/UEMS.


After submitting the Document Mailing e-form, students will be directed to eShipGlobal/UEMS. Students will then organize the mailing of the document and submit credit card payment within eShipGlobal/UEMS.

ISSO Processing

It can take up to two business days for ISSO to mail a document once the document is ready. ISSO will send an email the day the document is mailed. In addition, eShipGlobal/UEMS will provide email updates along the way.

Tracking Information

eShipGlobal/UEMS will provide students with a tracking number after payment has been received.

Review Shipping Information

Students can log back into your eShipGlobal/UEMS account to review your shipment information.

Changes to Mailing

If a student requires any changes to be made to the shipping information, they will need to contact eShipGlobal directly via email or phone. Once changes have been made, contact ISSO immediately at 515-294-1120. More information can be found here.

Disclaimer: This Frequently Asked Questions is intended for general information and guidance. As this information can quickly become outdated or may not apply to your situation, please consult with an International Student Advisor in the International Students and Scholars Office regarding your individual questions.