Cultural Ambassador Program

What is Cultural Ambassador Program (CAP)?

CAP is a semester-long program that pairs international students and U.S. students together based on mutual interests and hobbies. All international and domestic undergraduate, graduate students, and scholars in the ISU community - both international AND domestic are welcome to join.

Why should you apply?

  • Learn about new cultures while building connections and friendships with your group members.
  • Improve your cross-cultural skills in a modern globalized world.
  • Get a Co-Curricular addition to your ISU transcript.
  • Make yourself more marketable to your future employers.

Expectations of Ambassadors?

  • Attend the Information Session.
  • Attend a mix between ISSO-hosted events, and meet-ups with your own group seven times in the semester.

How to apply?

Applications for Spring 2023 are closed. The program will resume and accept new applicants in Fall 2023. 



"I loved learning about different cultures, where people come from, their experiences, and how they got to ISU."
"I got to meet new people that I otherwise would have never known."
"I made one of my best friends in this program."


If you have any questions, please contact Doug at