About ISSO


Iowa State University (ISU), founded in 1858, is a major international teaching and research university which emphasizes science and technology while valuing the arts and humanities. There are eight colleges: Agriculture and Life Sciences, Business, Design, Graduate, Engineering, Human Sciences (formerly Education and Family and Consumer Sciences), Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. The university's international reputation draws students from all over the world.

During Fall Semester 2018, 3,691 international students are enrolled at ISU. Over 700 international visiting scholars come to campus each year to  each and/or do research. Since the first international student enrolled at ISU in 1878, the university has provided programs and services to help international students and scholars achieve their goals and objectives.

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) employs International Student Advisers with many years of experience in the U.S. and abroad who provide courteous and timely service and informative programming for international students, visiting scholars, and their families.

ISU is located in Ames, a city with a population of 50,000. Ames is situated in the state of Iowa in the middle of the United States. Ames is 50 kilometers from Des Moines, a city of 200,000 people. Visitors arrive at the Des Moines International Airport and travel the short distance to Ames. Ames is a beautiful city with many parks, excellent public schools, and a very low crime rate. The long history of cooperation between ISU and Ames has helped maintain a very high quality of life for those in both communities. Ames has been designated an All-American City and was recently named the second best small city in America. These awards recognize Ames as one of the most livable, well-run, safe cities in the United States. The motto of the city is, "Ames, where the world meets."

We would encourage you to contact us if you are considering joining us at Iowa State University or have questions of any kind. We'd love to meet you.