Course Description

What is U ST 1100?

U ST 1100 International First Year Seminar focuses on the transition to college in the U.S., available Iowa State University resources, American culture, and student personal development. The course material is presented through presentations facilitated by guests from various ISU departments and organizations. During class, Student Leaders will facilitate discussions, in-class activities, and learning experiences.

What is the purpose of U ST 1100?

The purpose of this course is to create an intentional space for new (freshmen) international students, where:

  • Students will learn about academic resources, available student services, and social opportunities on campus that will provide students with beneficial advantages to increase the likelihood of success as undergraduate students at ISU.
  • Students will be able to identify and persist through transitional challenges they may encounter upon arriving in the U.S.

What are the learning outcomes of U ST 1100?

By the end of the semester, the International First-Year Seminar aims to:

  • Connect students to campus resources and peers
  • Serve as a platform for students to ask questions in a welcoming environment
  • Help students build a foundation for a successful academic career
  • Allow students to gain a better understanding of laws and cultural norms in the U.S.

U ST 1100 Exemption

University Studies 1100 is a mandatory course for all incoming undergraduate international students; and is highly recommended to be completed within the first semester at Iowa State University. The class focuses on the topics that are important and useful for international students transitioning to living in the U.S. and attending ISU. Some students may be exempted from taking the course or be eligible for a waiver from taking the course.

Exemption Criteria

In order to be exempt from U ST 1100, a student must be able to demonstrate that they have met all of the learning objectives through either:

  • Transferring in 24 or more credits from a U.S. university (credits must have been taken in the U.S.)
  • Graduating from a high school in the U.S.

If you meet the criteria, you are exempt. It should be removed from your degree audit automatically, but in a situation where you still see it appear, please complete the following:

  1. Login to CyStart
  2. Navigate to the tab “Student Services” and complete the IFYS Waiver Form
  3. Attach proof of your exemption to the form (example: transcript from the U.S. college or university where you are transferring at least 24 credits or diploma from a U.S. high school.)

If the IFYS Waiver Form does not show up for you in CyStart, send your proof of exemption to Jenna Haffner at


Please contact us at

Student Quotes: 

"I deeply feel that UST-110 has really helped me get accustomed to the US and life here. It has improved my experience in my time here at ISU and has prepared me to handle bigger challenges in the immediate future."

"Enrolling in U-ST 110 was the right decision that profoundly affected my experience in college. This was more than just a class; it was a transformative experience that provided me with practical skills, a supportive community, and an even greater appreciation of the diversity woven into our shared experience as human beings"

"U ST 110 has done great in building tools and understanding to help us, the international students, in our transition to college life in a totally new culture, with totally new people. I feel like I am more ready for my future at ISU for being a part of UST 110."

"Looking back, U ST 110 has been more than a class. It's been a guide, a support system, and a friend in this new chapter of my life. As I enter the next phase of my journey at Iowa State, I know I'm carrying more than just knowledge; I'm carrying the experiences and connections that UST 110 has given me. Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it."