Every semester, ISSO awards scholarships to degree-seeking students who have documented financial need. ISSO awards multiple scholarships from a variety of funding sources. A large portion of the scholarship funds come from International Student Tuition.

Students can apply for ISSO scholarships every fall and spring semester once eligible. It is possible that students may be awarded multiple ISSO scholarships. ISSO encourages students to apply for every scholarship for which they are eligible.

The scholarships amounts can fluctuate from year to year. The amount of each scholarship will be disclosed on the application form.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility information can be found at the time of applying in the OneApp application

Scholarship Requirements

Below are the various scholarships offered through the ISSO. Scholarship availability and amount will differ each semester. Applicants are encouraged to review the scholarship application in full to better understand availability and amount for that particular semester. Note, not all scholarships are available each semester.


How to Apply

ISSO will send an email each semester to students when they are able to apply for the ISSO scholarships (Fall: September and Spring: February). During the application submission timeframe, students may submit their scholarship application in ISU's OneApp.


Students filling out the OneApp will first apply to the general application. Based on your responses, you will be matched to various campus and community scholarships for which you are eligible including the ISSO Scholarships. Once matched with ISSO Scholarships, you must then submit the ISSO Scholarship application.

Application Letter

Students must submit a letter detailing their financial hardship and how the scholarship award money will be used. Only one letter must be submitted for the scholarship application, unless additional documents are required.

Need help writing your scholarship letter? The Writing and Communication Consultations (undergraduate and graduate students) and Center for Communication Excellence (graduate students only) are excellent resources. 

Application Timeline

Students can currently apply for ISSO scholarships. The deadline to apply for scholarships is Thursday, February 29th at 11:59PM. As a reminder, late applications will not be accepted.

It can take ISSO up to approximately one month to award scholarships. Once ISSO makes a decision, an email will be sent to all applicants.

Awarding ISSO Scholarships

Your scholarship will be placed on your U-bill during the same semester that you are awarded the scholarship. Your scholarship should be seen on your U-Bill within 2 weeks after you are notified via email that you had been awarded a scholarship. Please email isso@iastate.edu if your scholarship doesn’t show up on your U-bill within 2 weeks of being notified.


If you are an undergraduate student, you should contact David Sappendfield (dsapp@iastate.edu). If you are a graduate student, you should contact Katherine Worley (krlund@iastate.edu).