I-LEAD enhances the leadership skills of up-and-coming student leaders allowing these leaders to give back to their respective student organizations and to gain skills that will help them in their job search in the U.S or back home.

I-LEAD students focus on self-awareness and learn more about their leadership style, strengths, conflict management style, and more. In the second semester, students complete a hands-on project with a department on campus and serve as student leadership consultants.

Program participants attend a non-credit, weekly seminar for the fall semester. International students who successfully complete the program receive a $500 scholarship to assist with their tuition and other education-related expenses.


International students who successfully complete the program receive a $500 scholarship to assist with their tuition and other education-related expenses. In addition to the scholarship, students develop leadership skills such as:

  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management
  • Networking
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Time and Resource Management


One of the main goals of I-LEAD is to assist students who are ready to participate as leaders in student organizations on Iowa State's campus. Participation in I-LEAD is limited to undergraduate F-1, J-1, J-2, or H-4 international students in a degree-seeking program. Program participants must commit to remaining with I-LEAD for one year, both fall and spring of the upcoming academic year. Applicants must have completed at least one semester as a degree-seeking student prior to the start of the program. 


  • "I have definitely improved my self-awareness and communication skills. I have learned about my personality type and my possible leadership style."
  • "I believe that communicating with high profile professionals is an area where I have improved. This will help me in my future interviews also. I learnt that my leadership style is blue which is something that I can possibly work on in the future."
  • "It helped us to know the inside of how the department works and the leadership style of the the Leaders of the respective departments. It also helped us to put into use the theoritical knowledge that we gained in the first semester into practical use."
  • "The field-work experience was definitely the most valuable part of the course. It exposed me to real work culture patterns in America."

Application Process

Applications for Fall 2023 are now closed. If you are interested in participating in future semesters, more information will be forthcoming! If you have any questions, please contact issoprog@iastate.edu.