What Explore Des Moines?

This spring, ISSO is rolling out a new set of trips called "Explore Des Moines." On a monthly basis, the ISSO team will coordinate a series of community trips to the greater Des Moines area. Each trip is unique, ranging from opportunities for international students to experience cultural, social gatherings, performing arts, industry, and personal interest events. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons by experiencing something unique and fun. Travel space may be limited, thus, be one of the first to sign up for your trip of interest.

Spring 2024

January Explore Des Moines Destination: Persis Indian Grill 

February Explore Des Moines Destination: Iowa African American Festival 

March Explore Des Moines Destination: Iowa Wild Hockey Game

How much does Explore Des Moines cost?

ISSO provides transportation (free to students). The only cost to students is the meal if they sign up for a restaurant trip.

I've signed up. Where do I go?

You will receive an email from jenweber@iastate.edu with specific information on when to meet. For all trips, meet ISSO and other participants at the South Entrance to the Memorial Union (off Lincoln Way). Following the event, you will be dropped off at this location, so make sure to have arrangements for getting home from the Memorial Union.